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I am often told that I have a unique perspective on nature. From the brilliant colors of flowers, to comical bugs or even the complex world of fungus, macro photography allows me to capture the intricate beauty that exists everywhere in nature.

My love affair with macro photography began with my first digital camera which had a setting called "macro". I was immediately hooked on the fascinating and amazing world of nature up close. My macro lens opened up a whole new world I wasn‘t able to capture with my own eyes.

I have traveled to Central America many times, discovering the spectacular macro world that exists in the rain forests and tide pools. However, I'm still surprised at what I continue to find in my own backyard. It never gets boring for me as I continually make new "discoveries" through my lens. I'm amazed every time I encounter the beauty of nature in unexpected places.

My hope is that in sharing my journey with you, it will open your eyes and allow you to develop a deeper appreciation of just how extraordinary nature is…especially when you take a closer look.

Technical note: There really are NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS ADDED to any of my photos. My philosophy is "Don't muck with nature. It is already perfect"
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